Goodman Orthodontics: Creating Healthy Smiles for a Stronger Community in Manhattan

Located in the bustling heart of New York City, Goodman Orthodontics emerges as a leading orthodontic practice, committed to delivering unparalleled service in the field of Orthodontics in Manhattan. Helmed by Dr. Adam Goodman, recognized as a top Invisalign Diamond Plus Provider, this clinic has solidified its reputation through innovative treatment methodologies complemented by a patient-centric philosophy. It is with great excitement that Goodman Orthodontics announces the enhancement of its service spectrum, aimed at addressing the orthodontic needs of both children and adults desiring to enhance their smiles and overall dental health.

Spanning a wide array of treatment modalities including Invisalign in Manhattan, clear ceramic braces, traditional metal braces, hybrid treatments, surgical orthodontics, and retention strategies, Goodman Orthodontics positions itself as a pioneer in the field. The clinic's approach is notably tailored, utilizing cutting-edge technology coupled with Dr. Goodman's profound expertise to ensure the attainment of desired outcomes.

Dr. Adam Goodman

Dr. Goodman expresses, "Invisalign has transformed our approach to orthodontics by providing a subtle, yet effective means of straightening teeth. As a Diamond Plus Provider, our capacity to harness this technology to its maximum capability is unmatched. Our commitment is to furnish each patient with the necessary care within a welcoming ambiance, supported by the latest advancements in orthodontic technology."

The commitment of Goodman Orthodontics extends beyond the aesthetic dimension of orthodontic treatment, emphasizing the significant health advantages of aligned teeth and jaws. Catering to patients across the age spectrum, the practice recognizes the distinct requirements between children and adults. Orthodontics for children concentrates on the developmental tracking of the jaw and teeth, promoting early interventions that facilitate a more vibrant smile as they mature. Conversely, adult orthodontics targets the rectification of prolonged dental issues, enhancing oral health and elevating self-assurance.

Braces in Manhattan continue to be a sought-after and efficacious treatment choice for numerous patients at Goodman Orthodontics. Traditional metal braces, along with the less conspicuous clear ceramic options, provide robust solutions for addressing intricate dental concerns. Moreover, the clinic's hybrid treatment modalities offer patients the versatility to combine the structural benefits of braces with the aesthetic and comfort advantages of Invisalign aligners.

Dr. Goodman further adds, "Every smile we craft at Goodman Orthodontics propels us towards a healthier, more vibrant community. Whether it's furnishing braces to our younger clientele or offering Invisalign to adults in pursuit of a more subtle treatment alternative, our aspiration lies in creating exquisite smiles that uplift both confidence and dental well-being."

Goodman Orthodontics also prides itself on its community engagement, supporting local entities and promoting oral health education. With an array of consultation methodologies, including virtual consultations, Dr. Goodman and his team make premier orthodontic care attainable to everyone.

For those contemplating orthodontic treatments, Goodman Orthodontics remains a beacon of expert care and advisement. Dr. Goodman and his dedicated team persist in defining excellence in orthodontic care in Manhattan, driven by a commitment to customized treatment plans that lead to superior results. For more insight into their comprehensive services and patient resources, visit their website and explore options to schedule both in-person and virtual consultations to get started on the journey to a perfect smile.


For more information about Goodman Orthodontics - Manhattan, contact the company here:

Goodman Orthodontics - Manhattan
Adam Goodman
(212) 688-4663
440 E 57th St #1a, New York, NY 10022

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