Sensational Smiles Dental Offers Revolutionary All on 4 Implants for Complete Tooth Restoration

Sensational Smiles Dental is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking service, the All on 4 implants procedure. This innovative approach is tailored for the comprehensive replacement of upper or lower teeth sets using just four implants as a strong foundation for attaching a brand-new set of permanent teeth. Differing from traditional methods that typically require 6-8 implants to support a full fixed bridge, the All on 4 implants technique demands fewer implants. This characteristic renders it an especially suitable option for individuals who do not possess the necessary bone structure for conventional dental implants.

The pioneering nature of the All on 4 method lies in its capacity to accommodate patients who may be lacking the bone density traditionally required for implantation. By orienting the rear implants at a 45-degree angle and placing them into the higher bone density areas of the anterior maxilla, the All on 4 dentist can firmly set the implants without relying on the prerequisite bone density levels. This procedure not only utilizes the existing bone to its fullest but also often eliminates the need for bone grafting. As a result, it represents a feasible solution for patients with conditions like osteoporosis which impair bone quality and previously thought dental implants were unattainable for them.

All on 4

Mariam Shehata from Sensational Smiles Dental commented, "All on 4 implants signify a seminal advancement in dental restoration technology, catering to those who have suffered considerable tooth loss and seek a durable, stable substitute. By decreasing the requirement for multiple implants for full arch restoration, we are able to extend our assistance to a broader audience, allowing them to enjoy the advantages of having fixed and stable teeth without the need for extensive bone grafting."

Remarkably, the All on 4 dentist is capable of equipping patients with a complete set of temporary, yet functional teeth on the very day the implants are installed. This swift improvement in both dental function and aesthetics greatly enhances the patient's life quality, particularly for individuals struggling with the challenges of missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures.

Beyond their functional advantages, All on 4 implants lay the groundwork for fixed teeth that replicate the appearance, feeling, and operation of natural teeth. This improvement in both looks and usefulness not only heightens the patient's self-confidence and comfort but also fosters a healthier life and dental care habits, as the fixed teeth underpinned by All on 4 implants can be looked after just like natural teeth.

“Our committed All on 4 dentist team pledges to administer this life-altering procedure with utmost care and precision, guaranteeing our patients not only reap the functional benefits but also attain the most visually pleasing outcomes,” Shehata added. “We uphold the transformative impact of a radiant smile, and through All on 4 implants, we're turning this dream into a reality for numerous individuals every day.”

Sensational Smiles Dental invites anyone interested in the All on 4 implants procedure or in need of further details to visit their website or book a consultation with their qualified All on 4 dentist. This state-of-the-art procedure extends new hope and a comprehensive solution for many facing the ordeal of tooth loss, offering them a chance to recover not just a smile but also renewed confidence.


For more information about Sensational Smiles Dental, contact the company here:

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