Tersigni Vision Discusses PRK Eye Surgery

Tersigni Vision, based in Lake Oswego, OR has published a new article on PRK Eye Surgery. The leading vision correction facility in the Portland area, Tersigni Vision regularly publishes articles on their website, stressing how important improving vision is to daily life.

As a LASIK alternative, PRK can offer phenomenal results and clear, confident vision. The procedure is safe and effective, a great alternative for thin corneas and more, FDA approved, affordable and also has a minimal recovery time. It can also give the patient freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

PRK, or Photorefractive keratectomy is a type of refractive surgery that uses a laser to treat vision problems caused by refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. When the eye does not focus light correctly, the person experiences what is called a refractive error. Using a laser, the surgeon changes the shape of the patient’s cornea, which improves the way light rays are focused on the retina. By correcting the refractive error, the patient’s vision is improved. Many people no longer need glasses or contact lenses after PRK.

Tersigni Vision knows that a patient’s vision is one of the most important factors affecting their daily lives. When choosing who will take care of their eyes, patients will find that trust, compassion, professionalism and expertise are just a few of the qualities the community has come to associate with Dr. Steven Tersigni. Given his numerous years of performing PRK surgery, patients can be confident that they have an eye surgeon with vast knowledge and experience in vision correction procedures.

Notably, the first laser eye surgery for vision correction was the photorefractive keratectomy. As a safe and reliable option for vision correction, PRK is used to treat a variety of issues, and it is known for being highly reliable. People with thin or uneven corneas, as well as those with specific lifestyle requirements, may benefit from photorefractive keratectomy. The corrective vision outcomes from PRK and LASIK are the same, but the recuperation and therapy are different. According to the clinic, their staff have discovered that a lot of people have been informed that the only alternative to LASIK is PRK. They are aware that this is untrue because Tersigni Vision has the broadest selection of vision correction techniques in Oregon. The team at Tersigni Vision will determine if PRK is right for a patient based on their eye exam and vision goals.

Even though LASIK and PRK are frequently contrasted, they are actually fairly comparable procedures. With these operations, the cornea is precisely reshaped using a laser to enhance eyesight, and they are both secure and efficient. Each has advantages based on the patient’s individual anatomy, vision goals and circumstances, but none is inherently superior to the other. In the LASIK procedure, two lasers are used: an excimer laser to reshape the cornea and a first laser to prepare the eye's surface for the procedure. The excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea after specific drops are used to prepare the surface for it in PRK, which only employs one laser.

Additionally, compared to LASIK, PRK's healing and recuperation time will be greater. LASIK and PRK are both great options to give exceptional, long-lasting vision for good candidates. Determining which vision correction procedure is best for the patient will depend on each patient’s unique needs and condition. The results of both PRK and LASIK are equally effective in permanently reshaping the cornea and correcting a patient’s vision. However, refractive surgery cannot prevent a patient’s eyes from aging, and some of these aging processes can affect vision over time — but these changes are unrelated to the procedure itself.

Dr. Tersigni will gladly answer any questions a patient may have regarding the procedure and other factors, such as natural aging. Patients usually learn about PRK when they come in for a Tersigni Vision Advanced Ocular Analysis. Those who are not a candidate for LASIK may learn they are good candidates for one of the clinic’ other procedures, such as PRK, SMILE, Visian ICL or RLE. If PRK or another of the clinic’s modern vision correction options is right for the patient, the team will create a customized plan and answer any questions that they may have.

To learn more about Tersigni Vision and the services they offer, a patient may visit the clinic’s official website. The team can also be contacted via phone or email for further inquiries.


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