Pavashot Inc. Unveils Breakthrough Non-Lethal Tactical Technology with the Launch of the Non-Pyro Diversionary Device (NPDD)

Pavashot Inc. launches the Non-Pyro Diversionary Device (NPDD), a non-lethal tactical tool for law enforcement and security. It offers auditory disruption and irritant powder options, enhancing safety without fire risks. Accessible and reloadable, it aims to revolutionize tactical operations with efficiency and minimal harm.

Pavashot Inc., a leading innovator in non-lethal self-defense devices, is proud to announce the full launch of its latest cutting-edge product, the Non-Pyro Diversionary Device (NPDD). This revolutionary advancement in non-lethal tactical technology represents a significant leap forward in enhancing safety and operational effectiveness in critical situations.

The NPDD, initially released on June 7, 2022, is designed to cater to the needs of law enforcement agencies, tactical units, security professionals, and all entities involved in maintaining public safety. With a strong focus on safety, reliability, and effectiveness, the NPDD offers a game-changing solution for controlling critical situations without the hazards associated with traditional pyrotechnic devices.

Pavashot offers two versions of the NPDD to meet different tactical needs. One version produces an intense auditory disruption similar to a flashbang, with a powerful 170+ decibel output that ensures disorientation and distraction, contributing to operational safety and tactical advantage. The other version dispenses a potent PAVA irritant powder, creating a wide-reaching 7-meter exclusion zone for swift and effective control in volatile situations. Both versions feature an innovative non-pyro design, eliminating the fire hazards commonly found in traditional flashbangs.

Unlike its predecessors, the NPDD does not require ATF permits or licensing for deployment, thereby enhancing accessibility and efficiency for law enforcement agencies. This aspect streamlines the deployment process, making it a versatile tool for managing crowd control, hostage situations, and other tactical scenarios where minimizing harm and maximizing control are crucial.

"Pavashot Inc. is dedicated to advancing safety and operational effectiveness in tactical environments," stated a spokesperson for the company. "The NPDD represents our commitment to innovation and delivering tools that empower law enforcement professionals to manage critical incidents with heightened efficiency and reduced risk."

Engineered for reliability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility across all weather conditions, the NPDD is poised to revolutionize the landscape of non-lethal tactical equipment. Its reloadable design allows for up to 500 uses, ensuring sustained operational readiness and efficiency. This innovation underscores Pavashot Inc.'s ongoing efforts to provide state-of-the-art solutions that meet the evolving needs of security professionals operating in challenging environments.

Law enforcement agencies, tactical units, and security professionals seeking advanced non-lethal solutions are encouraged to explore the capabilities of the NPDD. With its emphasis on safety, accessibility, and operational efficiency, this groundbreaking device promises to redefine the standards for managing critical incidents with precision and control.

In conclusion, the launch of the Non-Pyro Diversionary Device (NPDD) marks a significant milestone for Pavashot Inc. and the field of non-lethal tactical technology. By introducing this innovative solution, the company continues to exemplify its commitment to advancing safety, reliability, and operational effectiveness in critical situations.

**About Pavashot Inc.:** Pavashot Inc. is a leading provider of non-lethal self-defense devices, dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions for law enforcement agencies, security professionals, and individuals seeking effective means of protection. Learn more about Pavashot Inc. and its range of products at(

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