KS Dad Pulls a "Serial" Misconduct Judge into Federal Court W/ Justice Dept - Litters The Court of Conspiracy Evidence

By: IssueWire

A Pro Se Father Undermines the Conspiracy Against Him Returns For His Kids and Drops $8 Mil Lawsuit On All Parties

Olathe, Kansas Nov 16, 2023 (Issuewire.com) - In the Johnson Co. Kansas Olathe Courthouse, a district judge and an Overland Park attorney had been leading a campaign of parental alienation against a Kansas dad who crossed every line of legality and morality in 2022. They wrongfully removed a father from a co-parenting picture in a county custody case of 18-CV03813. On or before July 8, 2022, Counsel Christopher T. Wilson, and Judge Paul W Burmaster conspired upon a plan to construct a fraudulent protective order against pro se father Matthew Escalante. On July 8th, 2022 at 11:20 AM, the execution of a plan transpired and a father was shut out of his own children's county proceedings. The father disappeared shortly after he informed the judge in a July 27, 2022 hearing of Protective Order case 22CV03391. The transcripts and many other district pleading in the case indicate the father told the judge, he was going to "take a knee". The court was taken back, and the judge asked, "Don't you want to be a father?" The dad replied, "Yes, but you're the problem Judge." Kansas dad left on July 27, 2022, after the judge and Wilson de-frauded the protective order and custody proceeding at the same time and took the dads rights to daughters.

16 Months pass......

On October 19, 2023, Pro Se Father Matt Escalante, entered the Federal Robert J Dole Courthouse as his attorney and filed a Section 1983 Civil Rights Lawsuit against Paul W Burmaster, in his official capacity. The Kansas dad has entered 4 federal complaints alleging many unlawful acts against the constitution, federal codes, and civil and criminal statutes from the bench. The federal case of Escalante vs Burmaster was formed.  On November 11, 2023, the father initiated the entry of the Justice Department into the proceeding in which Burmaster is Defendant. Several U.S. Attorneys are now in that case. The judge was summoned and currently has only 9 days left to legally respond in the case before it goes into default against the judge.

On November 6, 2023, Kansas Dad filed a second section 1983 civil rights lawsuit with a damage demand of over $8,000,000 against the parties in the district court proceedings that unlawfully ousted him from his position of Dad to two minor daughters.  The lawsuit 2:23-CV02471 Escalante Vs Escalante/Wilson/Bell-Lloyd is brought by 3 plaintiffs. The 3 plaintiffs are the dad and his 2 daughters et al, or On Behalf.

On November 7, 2023, the pro se dad motioned to consolidate 02491 into the judge suit of 02471, and Mr. Escalante shows much probable cause in the initiation of those federal actions that he has undermined the Conspiracy to Interfere with Civil Rights that he told the Judge on July 08, 2022, that he or Wilson wasn't going to get away with. Father took a knee, went and learned the Law, and just put the Judge and Wilson in the federal court under a cloud of conspiracy allegations that contains an 8 million dollar lawsuit in which the Department of Justice, is already entered and waiting.  Mr Escalante's motions to consolidate all of them into one case and bring federal charges for conspiracy onto the alleged may be a very strategic tactic. That father is indicating to parties, that they took something that belonged to him, child rights, and the daughters that he adores. And he wants it back. 

Amazing story of heartbreak. Overcoming. Perseverance. And The Unending Love of a Kansas Dad and his Two Daughters that no one should have messed with in the cases of Escalante vs Burmaster and Wilson.

Source :KC Metro News Company

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