Life Coach Eric North aka "The Happiness Warrior" teaches How To Be Ready For Anything!

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New York City, New York Nov 15, 2023 ( - Being an observer and a life coach who thrives to help others, Eric North has come up with his knowledge and life lessons that can make people Ready For Anything! Whether is a survival situation or an emotional challenge; his vision can help people develop a stronger perception of life as well as personality which paves the path to happiness. Eric aka "The Happiness Warrior" is ready to serve people around the globe with his observations, experience, and life skills. 

Eric has noticed that very few humans are prepared for rapid change and disruption. It's instinctive to want to feel safe and secure, but change is a natural part of life and needs to be confronted. Letting emotions take control and squandering time worrying about things that will never happen has become common among most people. They waste precious time trying to avoid the inevitable and that stops them from fully developing inherent powers. At the time of the Global pandemic, Eric worked with multiple groups of adults to help them cope with the situation and he noticed that most of them were angry, confused, and thought of themselves as victims. They hadn't realized that survival depended on believing in themselves and they expected others to step up and lead them. They were not realizing that life's greatest lessons were happening right before them and wallowing in their misery without looking for solutions.

The Happiness Warrior suggests everyone select an attitude and mindset to make the best of their lives. It can be done by consciously taking action to help themselves and others. Warriors for the good of all. Always striving for the betterment of their thoughts and actions. Being a warrior means much more than just fighting, it means being familiar with the personal truth which provides confidence to deal with any situation in life. It is a willingness to understand what can be controlled with the correct mindset. A mindset where people are happy in the present and never worried about future events. A life of more freedom of thought can help to proceed while the secrets of the universe are revealed.

Someone unafraid and able to calculate impending dangers is better at tearing down barriers and conquering obstacles. They are also ready to help others when they're struggling. Leadership values, empathy, and sensibility can bring more happiness in life. To keep strong integrity and self-expression, Eric suggests following the daily 5 practices that can help everyone find a happier and more balanced existence. Firstly, one must learn to take care of your body as if life depended on it! Secondly, it is important to consciously provide value in all actions. Thirdly, practicing self-awareness is a must. Fourthly, one must learn to maintain a "ready for anything mindset" with confidence. Last but not least, everyone should seek clarity and perspective. These practices can help to find core values in alignment with authenticity and vibration.

Change is inevitable and that needs to be addressed and accepted to focus on the path of life. Everyone should know that today might not be the same as tomorrow. Change can cause pain, and loneliness, and lead to self-destruction. But it can also help to rise to new heights and experiences. It offers an opportunity to ascend in a new direction and provides new perspectives. Eric believes that everyone has the power to set their destiny and that change is the answer to everything. The best mindset is easily adaptable to change and acceptance of current circumstances. It's a feeling of contentment combined with self-confidence. One must feel a connection with the energy of the universe that's always growing. Comfortable is a state of mind that keeps people numb and satisfied. 

Eric shares the practices of how to be ready for anything, anytime. The first step is to let go of uncertainty and develop a mindset that aligns with this way of thinking. Acceptance is the basis for self-awareness, decision-making, and perception. Secondly, one must know that it's acceptable to be wrong at times and learn from the situation. Learn to forgive, grow, and move forward with self-awareness and wisdom. Thirdly, it is very important to know how to handle expenses and manage finances. The next step is to know what to do in the times of accidents or emergencies. Lastly, it is better to have emergency supplies in a safe place that can help to survive later.

Happiness is important in an uncertain life where trouble can be right around the corner. But it is also the beauty of life that constantly surprises people and can fill their minds with wonder. Every day offers a chance to learn and everyone can learn better when Life Coach Eric North is there. Find out more about The Happiness Warrior at

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