Advance America: 4 Loans That Can Give Borrowers Instant Funds

Whether it’s a burst pipe in the basement, a hole in the car radiator, or a trip to urgent care, unexpected expenses are a reality of life. While it’s impossible to anticipate these events or their costs, it is possible to have a backup plan for worst-case scenarios. Here are four loan options that can give borrowers same-day funds to prepare for anything life throws their way.

1. Instant cash advance

Instant cash advances are designed to provide the funds that borrowers need between paychecks. These loans can help them cover a variety of expenses, from paying rent to buying groceries.

Borrowers can typically receive a few hundred dollars from an instant cash advance and pay back these funds in two to four weeks, when they receive their next paycheck. If they need more time to pay back the funds, they can usually roll over the loan in exchange for paying more in interest and fees.

2. Title loan

For a larger loan in a pinch, many borrowers will turn to a secured financing option that uses their property as collateral. With title loans, the collateral required is a vehicle the borrower owns.

After applying for a title loan, the lender will appraise the borrower’s car and offer them a loan amount worth 25 to 50% of its value. Then, the borrower can keep driving their car as they pay off the loan. Keep in mind that if a borrower fails to repay a title loan, the lender can repossess the car to help recoup the loss.

3. Pawn shop loan

A pawn shop loan is a secured loan that allows a borrower to put up a valuable item, like artwork or jewelry, as collateral. The pawn shop will assess the item and then lend the borrower an amount worth up to the value of that item.

This loan option is often quick and easy, as it doesn’t require a credit check. But if the borrower fails to repay their debt by the deadline determined, the pawn shop is able to keep the item to cover the costs of a loan.

4. Personal line of credit

Getting a line of credit allows a borrower to access up to a set amount, as determined by the lender. Because this option allows individuals to use funds as needed, it’s ideal for those who need flexibility. Rather than taking a lump sum from a loan that makes a borrower liable for interest on the entire amount, the line of credit can be used to cover expenses as needed, and the borrower only has to pay interest on what they borrow.

The bottom line

Borrowers have many options when they’re in a financial pinch. Instant cash advances, title loans, pawn shop loans, and personal lines of credit can all offer same-day funds for those that need to cover essential and emergency expenses.

Advance America offers instant online loan options that can help borrowers get the funds they need instantly. From cash advances and lines of credit to title loans, these loans come with a  streamlined application process that allows borrowers to meet their immediate financial needs. Learn more and apply today by visiting

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