Jesse Serrato on how to seize opportunities in sales

Jesse Serrato, TTM, is an accomplished salesperson and has developed his own sales consultancy to help future salespeople thrive, too...but this didn't happen overnight. It also didn't happen without knowing when to seize the opportunity. 

"I was first introduced to sales through a connection in my family. Those are the moments that help define who we become," says Serrato. 

Opportunities are all around us and sometimes we're completely unaware of them. It might feel like they are someone helping you out because of an obligation, pity or some other negative connotation which taints how you view the opportunity. Maybe you're working in a job and get laid off and are too busy focusing on unemployment rather than the newfound freedom to explore opportunities.

"It's important to know that not every opportunity actually looks like one. You need to keep a positive mindset at all times," says Serrato

Seizing these opportunities is as simple as keeping an open mind and simply saying yes. It's about not worrying about the outcome but savoring the chance to do something different and better down the line. 

But how do you recognize these chances when they stare you right in the face?

"Think of opportunities really as moments of change in your life. They are pivotal points with no guaranteed outcome," says Serrato.

That's probably what people tend to miss the most, Jesse believes. As with everything in life, there are no guarantees with opportunities. Only the chance of a change that you can turn into a positive moment. That's why it's so vital to have radar for these opportunities.

Once you detect one, it's then about striking. Many people may look at an opportunity and think it's a risk and too much is at stake. The ones who end up acting on those opportunities are the ones who are willing to accept the risk and the real concept of being successful as well. Ever heard the phrase, "no guts, no glory"?

“Opportunity and risk go hand in hand. It’s all about building the courage of saying yes and giving those opportunities the effort they deserve,” says Serrato. 

Jesse always has a compass for success nowadays. He hasn't stopped saying yes to this navigator since he had his first opportunity given to him through those connections years back. The best part is as you continue to seize those moments of change, the options only improve. You become a success hunter and have an eye for the next chance to pounce on to improve in your desired direction. 

"Essentially, you're building your own path to success because each opportunity in front of you is a chance to course-correct and become even more successful," says Serrato.  

This is easily transferred to sales when working with existing clients as sources of future opportunities to grow your business. So, have the confidence to say yes to accepting those new leads or to providing additional recommendations to your existing clients. It will help keep you on a fast track to success with sales, and you never know how far it will take you.

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