Center Reveals a Rehab Program Could Get Offenders Off a DUI

A rehab centre in Toronto has issued a guide on how to potentially get off DUI charges using a rehab program.

A rehab centre in Toronto has issued a guide on how to potentially get off DUI charges using a rehab program.

Addiction Rehab Toronto has revealed that a rehab course for people who are convicted of DUI charges that can help them to help them with their case and offer the guidance they need to not commit the offence again.

“Many people who commit DUIs are serial offenders, and they need more than the court system to change their ways. Volunteering for rehab as part of the DUI case could help decide the sentence and it could result in the case been thrown out altogether.

“But the rehab program is also about helping to prevent a repeat offence. These programs are run by the local councils in conjunction with a professional rehab center and will last a few months. The offender would be expected to surrender their license during this period and undertake drug or alcohol treatment program as part of the process.

Driving under the influence is not just driving cars. There is a long list of modes of transport that are included – cars, boats, trucks, airplanes, bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, snowmobiles, farm equipment, ride on lawnmowers, golf carts and horse drawn carriages.

DUIs are not always for alcohol, they can also include inhalants, any illegal drug, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs etc.

“A DUI charge can have serious ramifications on someone’s life. Even if the person fulfils everything the court lays out for them legally, it could still impact on future job opportunities, renting a house or getting a loan. That is why it is important for people to do everything they possibly can to minimise the punishment or even get off the charge by showing that they are doing something to stop anything like this happening again.

“Committing to a rehab program will give the lawyer something to negotiate with the Crown Attorney and it could be that the judge would accept a rehab program instead of jail time. Nothing is guaranteed, but if you can do everything in your power to make changes and show you are being proactive to prevent it from happening again, then it will play a huge part in the outcome of the case.

“It is also important to choose a rehab center that has proven results. If you are going to go through this process, then choose a program that is actually going to help you to re-evaluate your life and make positive changes for the long term. It could be the best thing you ever do,” he added. 

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Addiction Rehab Toronto offers a 28 different courses to help people with any sort of addiction, including drugs, prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and alcohol. The programs range from psychotherapy and counselling to music therapy, nutrition and yoga.

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