Top Questions & Answers


1. Why are we acquiring The Warranty Group?


    We’ve talked on our quarterly Connect Live meetings about our commitment to driving profitable growth by investing in our key lines of businesses.


    This transaction represents an important milestone on our transformation journey by enhancing our scale and capabilities in the global lifestyle markets.


    The Warranty Group offers a broad suite of protection products and services including service contracts on vehicles, appliances, electronics, as well as financial services that align with Assurant’s strategic focus.


    It provides a deeper global presence in countries already on Assurant’s strategic roadmap; Assurant currently has market presence in 16 countries; The Warranty Group in more than 35.


    Our businesses fit well together, with similar cultures and values worldwide.


    By combining our operations, we expect additional career opportunities will be available to employees.


2. How does this acquisition support our other lines of business in Global Lifestyle, or Global Preneed, Global Home and Global Specialty business units?


    This acquisition advances Assurant’s strategy as a global company overall.


    The transaction enhances our scale, including a deeper global footprint, which will be a benefit for Assurant overall (i.e., focused investments, opportunities for talent, more diversified and predictable earnings).


    Our combined organization will be well-positioned with technology coming together around mobile devices, connected cars and smart homes.


3. What does it mean that Assurant will be a wholly owned subsidiary of TWG Holdings Limited?


    This acquisition is structured so that upon close of the transaction, Assurant will become a wholly owned subsidiary of TWG Holdings Limited, whose name will be changed to Assurant Ltd.


    Assurant shareholders will own about 77 percent of the combined entity and existing Assurant Inc. shares will be converted into shares of Assurant Ltd. on a one-for-one basis.


    Alan Colberg and the Assurant management team will continue to lead the combined company.


    The structure of the transaction does not change your employment terms.


4. Who is The Warranty Group and what do they do? Where are their offices?


    The Warranty Group is a leading underwriter and administrator of extended service contracts and related products on vehicles, appliances and consumer electronics, with more than 50 years of experience.


    The Warranty Group has more than 1,600 employees across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

5. Does this mean that we’re now all part of one company?


    Not yet. We announced our intention to acquire The Warranty Group on Oct. 18, 2017. However, this transaction is subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals and other closing conditions.


    We expect the transaction to be completed in the first half of 2018, which is considered the “closing,” after which point we’ll begin operating as one company.


    Until the closing date, we’ll continue to operate as independent companies, though we will commence detailed integration planning.


6. How will this acquisition impact me/Assurant employees?


    It will be critical that we support our business and client commitments – business as usual.


    Our core values and our purpose — to protect what matters most — remain unchanged and are as strong as ever.


    During the months ahead, we will work with The Warranty Group on integration planning.


    The structure of the transaction does not change anything about your employment terms.


7. I am an Assurant employee who owns stock. Will this transaction affect me differently?


    Depending on your country of residence, there may be a 2018 tax impact on your vested shares at the time of close.


    There is no impact on your unvested shares or on the U.S. 401(k) Plan.


    Employees who receive equity compensation or are Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) participants will receive additional information and education resources covering the potential tax impact by Nov. 15, 2017.


8. When can I begin working with The Warranty Group employees?


    Until the transaction closes, we’ll continue to operate as independent companies.


    There will be a disciplined integration planning process to determine the best structure after the acquisition closes.


    As always, we are committed to communicating as those decisions are finalized and the transaction closes.


9. How does this impact our business priorities/goals for the rest of the year?


    In general, no changes for 2017, and we should remain focused on our purpose and job duties and responsibilities to our customers.


    Our core values and our purpose — to protect what matters most — remain unchanged and are as strong as ever.


    We will establish a cross-functional Integration Team and some employees will be asked to directly help with planning and integration, and on occasion provide supporting information. Your manager or team’s leadership will let you know if such assistance is needed.


10. How can I stay up-to-date on the transaction?


    During upcoming Town Halls and other meetings, members of the Management Committee will keep employees apprised of how the process is moving along.


    There also will be an email box [email address] for employees to ask questions of the Integration Team.


    We may not have answers immediately but are committed to communicating updates as we can.


    From time to time we expect to provide updates on Connect and publish additional Q&As for employees as the process moves along.

11. What should I say if I’m contacted by the media, investors or regulators/government representatives about the transaction?


    Refer all media inquiries to Linda Recupero, senior vice president, global communication (212.859.7005, Linda.Recupero@assurant.com).


    Refer all investor inquiries to Suzanne Shepherd, vice president, investor relations (212.859.7062, Suzanne.Shepherd@assurant.com).


    Refer all regulators/government representatives to Bart Schwartz, chief legal officer (212.859.7063, Bart.Schwartz@assurant.com) or Ronny Lancaster, senior vice president, government relations (202.370.2141, Ronny.Lancaster@assurant.com).


12. What should I say if a consumer or client contact asks me about the transaction?


    You can indicate that today’s announcement does not change the way Assurant works to serve and support them.


    The news release is available at assurant.com for their reference.


    Specific client questions should be directed to the respective line of business leader or the regional president.

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