The Truth Behind The Truce: The Prospect Of MapleStory 2 Is Stil Hanging In The Balance

There has been an awfully long truce between the spectators and MapleStory 2 devs team since the last maintenance post. MapleStory 2 Currently is experiencing the trauma of the great loss of players and the hazard of a batch of in-game unfixed issues. To remedy this situation, the header of its devs team promised to make a load of improvements, and hopefully patch all things up eventually in the next month. Will the game survive through the current recession and thrive again?

MapleStory 2 has been quieted down for almost a week. There is literally nothing from the official site now providing the details of latest development or project the devs team have been working on while the developers' leader, Jungsoo Lee, committed to revealing that a few days ago. The same situation occurred to the official forum where it used to be packed with all type of rants and raves from core players or "justified quitters", who are currently believed to be in the majority and leading from the front of lashing out at MapleStory 2.

"There is an appalling silence," Richard Hanson, a fanboy of MapleStory franchise for fifteen years, said to our reporter, "It used to be rather feisty. Usually, it got to be somebody from player base appealing, ranting, gnashing, or suggesting something in the MapleStory 2 official forum, but now we received nothing from the company or the players five days in a row. It's getting a little creepy."

MapleStory 2 Reddit community, on the contrary, is much more active than any social media bases the game has. We can browse through all different types of announcements, humor cartoons, fan arts, and original video shoot out there every hour and every day, it is a pity that the numbers of threads' followers and daily online active members of this community have been stuck in the low all the time and literally never bumped up once.

"I am not worried about the game, actually, the crowd and their bashing have spoken for themselves and me already," says Richard, "what disturbs me most is that the downfall the game currently is experiencing will have its impact on the title. MapleStory is a worldwide phenomenal game title back in the 2000s, and still has a great influence on many nostalgic fanatics. That's how the MapleStory 2 met with a surge of players in the very beginning. Those are mostly the fandom from MapleStory."

"Sadly, the honeymoon is too short for both of them." the old MapleStory hardcore player sighed, "the game was going off on the wrong foot, with tons of bots and spammers rolling in, MapleStory 2 rapidly degenerated into a paradise of parasites. And if affected the gaming experience, as well as the fairness in the game for players deeply. Since bots scattered to all places in the game farming Mesos and dealers sold these massively-collected virtual coins off illicitly at a real-world-money price, it's been a non-stop status for MapleStory 2 riding to a dead end. But the bots and Meso-sellers seems to be a small potato compared with the battery of calamities following behind it."

"While working on every means to crack down upon the bots, Meso selling, and any other violations against the ToS, MapleStory 2 devs team have issued a batch of updates which were believed to patch the issues up and bring up the new content originally, turned out to backfire itself in the end. Loss of active online players has been on the rise. The devs did everything to halt the trend - unfortunately, nothing works so far. Now the problematic features assembled and haunt the game for good, turning themselves into a nemesis, or rather, another Ultron."

Actually, he didn't try to be alarmist and we have proof that he is right about that. Here is a list of existing issues in MapleStory 2 made by a keen audience in the official forum following a topic about Player Base. Just to be clear, the list is a collection of various personal opinions from plenty of different players, it definitely wasn't made up out of anywhere:

  • Fairfight
  • Gem dust and Gem leveling rng
  • Everything costs too much like changing stats/rerolls/crafting accessories/etc
  • Too much RNG on unlocking sockets, it wouldn't be so bad if crafting accessories didn't cost 500k each.
  • Progression overall is behind a TimeGate together with heavy RNG.
  • Epic pets were removed from Chaos Raids so getting one you either need to be extremely lucky or you have to grind +120m Meso.
  • Too many dailies, some of the dailies just take forever to finish because it asks to kill 30+30+30+1 and one of the 30 barely has any spawns, can't even do them together with friends because dailies are RNG you don't get same quests as everyone, so much for being a social game. Too much time wasted on accepting all the sky fortress quests as well.
  • Too much character bound stuff instead of account bound.
  • Community, in general, is very toxic and elitist. Some of them think they are above everyone just because they got luckier with gear drops/gem upgrades.
  • Still no good way to farm attribute lock scrolls.
  • Daily Chores/Life skills are such a bore-fest. It's getting too repetitive.
  • I know a lot of friends who quit this game cuz of weapon enchanting RNG, dungeons take too long because of forced Fair Fight. KMS2 doesn't have Fairfight so why does our version have?

To address most of these in-game catastrophes as soon as possible, which have been driving the majority of players away, Jungsoo Lee committed to settling down to fix all these successively within the next month in an official announcement last week. He also promised to and keep all the players posted about the latest update if there is one. But as we told before at the beginning of this article, there is nothing to be heard from the official site lately and that sounds the worst truce between players and devs in the history.

"I don't like that at all," Richard stated, "There are always differences and divisions between game devs and the players, it's natural. And it's rather healthy and helpful to see the players enabled to give speeches about the pain points the game has. It does not do harm to the game itself or has an impact on enlarging its player base. The intimidating part is really, what we are experiencing now, the truce between them instead of some shakeups. Because a truce like this means the rest of players who remained to see a better future of this game stopped giving a damn anymore, and the game devs are now too scared of oppositions to reveal any updates. It's not a truce of peace or prosperity, but a truce of perishing."

the leading thread about the game is dead or not in the MapleStory 2 official forum 

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