First Gamified Movie Streaming Platform, Filmocracy Launches on Kickstarter

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FILMOCRACY hopes to raise funding to bring their groundbreaking streaming service to the widespread consumer market.

Beverly Hills, CA – Filmocracy, the first gamified movie streaming platform that rewards users for watching and rating films, is pleased to announce that it will launch on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site on February 5.  

Filmocracy is the first movie streaming site to offer virtual currency, called Popcorn, which can be used to redeem items like movie tickets, gift cards, and even cash.  Ideal for everyday movie watchers and professional critics alike, it’s designed for anyone to compete based on the ratings they submit. Whether you’re a filmmaker, movie critic, or a casual movie buff, The Filmocracy Platform adds a new level of engagement through its ratings system, virtual shop, and monthly competition.

To start earning rewards, users need to simply register for an account which costs $10 per month (up to 70% off during Kickstarter), select a movie to watch, rate it based on five categories like plot, dialogue, cinematography, sound/music, and performances, and earn a virtual chest full of rewards.

Paul Jun, CEO and Co-Founder of FILMOCRACY, explains:

“Online streaming hasn’t changed since Netflix began streaming movies in 2007. It’s been over 12 years and there have been no successful attempts to innovate the consumer VOD experience. The mainstream consumer is eager to get more from their streaming provider but has been conditioned to pick based purely on content. Now you have dozens of services with just one or two shows that people really want to watch and it’s no wonder piracy has gone up for the first time since 2010.

We’ve designed Filmocracy to contribute to the overall experience of watching movies in new ways through competitions, prizes, and accurate ratings.  For the first time, filmmakers, movie critics, and film buffs can all participate in creating a new film economy outside of the traditional Hollywood system. Filmmakers can easily get distribution, movie critics finally have a platform to earn money for their reviews, and film buffs no longer have to struggle finding something new to watch thanks to a built-in ratings system. After months of developing this platform to provide a completely new user experience, we can’t wait to share it with the Kickstarter community and have them help nurture this unique technology with us.”

While Filmocracy is built around user submitted ratings, it tackles the unpacking of that data in a completely different way. Aside from submitting their personal assessment, users are asked to predict the average scores of the movie on different categories.  After enough reviews have been submitted, user ratings are compared by using an algorithm to determine how close to the overall composite score the user’s submission was for each category. By comparing the scores to the average, and rewarding more accurate users with more popcorn, many of the issues with bots, spammers, and online trolls can be avoided.

The value of a movie rating is only as strong as the underlying methodology and by asking users to rate and comparing scores to the wisdom of the crowd, more accurate assessments of film quality can be achieved. The platform is designed to be fun and engaging, meaning that navigating the designs is as enjoyable as playing a game. By rating movies and earning popcorn, users are eligible to share in 10% of the subscription revenue by placing on the top of the leaderboard. Instead of trying to reward all of the users with small amounts of money, the users at the top of the leaderboard can earn anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars at the end of the month. The leaderboard resets every month to be as fair as possible for new users and is divided into two groups—the first is based on who earned the most popcorn that month. And the second is based on accuracy (minimum 4 films viewed) because not everyone is able to binge watch movies every day of the week.

Filmocracy is completely reimagining the subscription streaming experience. Almost all the features introduced by Filmocracy are not available anywhere else. It’s designed to tackle the problem that all independent filmmakers face, which is how to market your movie and reach your audience.

“Unless you get into Sundance, the likelihood of a small independent film getting a distribution deal is next to impossible,” explains Co-Founder Kasia Kaczmarczyk. “There are over 13,000 films produced every year while only about 700 get distribution. Companies are more risk averse than ever, requiring big stars before paying anything substantial.”

Filmocracy isn’t built to replace other entertainment sites. Rather, it’s created to allow the people to decide which films deserve higher visibility and ultimately time well spent.


  • A library of thousands of curated, high quality independent films
  • Groundbreaking ratings system to prevent bots, spammers, and trolls from compromising the dataset
  • Unmatched rewards, non-existent on any other platform
  • Achievements for accomplishing quests like “Watching 5 horror films”
  • Feature rich user experience with gamified interface
  • Competitive leaderboard with payouts in the hundreds to thousands of dollars for top users

You can back The Filmocracy Platform on their Kickstarter page on February 5th; starting at $10 for the Super Early Bird adopters.

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FILMOCRACY is a tech startup based in Beverly Hills, California. Founders Paul Jun, Film Executive, Jasper Grey, Producer, Phillip Jun, Lead Developer, and co-founder Kasia Kaczmarczyk, Cognitive Narratology Specialist, lead the team. As passionate entrepreneurs with decades of experience in film sales, finance, production, programming, data science, and narrative research, they joined forces with a vision to redefine the world of online streaming. They wanted to build a new film economy with great consideration for engagement and the full user experience. With a laundry list of innovations they wanted to make, the four entrepreneurs got to work, building the first gamified movie streaming platform that could be widely adopted by the consumer market.

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page or the website at

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