Moonlight Mixes Featured in Woman’s World as Coveted Party Snack and Recipe-Boosting Ingredient

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Little Rock, AR: Built on the foundation that good snacks bring people together, Moonlight Mixes has proven to be a favorite among snack enthusiasts and party hosts alike since its products first reached shelves. In a recent feature, Woman’s World magazine covered the power of the Moonlight Mixes lineup with a special emphasis on how they can be used to create flavorful snacks and meals that are sure to garner compliments from guests and family members.

After nearly a decade of creating snacks made with high-quality ingredients and a wide range of flavor combinations, the Moonlight Mixes team continues to strive for excellence one feature snack at a time. The brand has grown in recent years with the help of CEO Scott Waidmann. Today, it continues to gather attention from the public as a must-have pantry staple.

Moonlight Mixes: A Brief History

Moonlight Mixes first launched in 2013 with founders Brent and Leann Bumpers striving to share a delicious family recipe with the world. After launching with the original Wicked Mix, they continued to improve and expand in the years to come, ultimately culminating in the introduction of Wicked Minis to add more variety to their line and complement their existing recipes.

The brand’s next major move arrived in 2021 when founders Brent and Leann Bumpers joined forces with Scott Waidmann and Susan Heath with one goal in mind—creating the best snack mixes to give hosts an experience to be proud of. The brand’s exceptional quality and ability to appeal to different flavor preferences have earned it a spot in households around the world. In the recent Woman’s World spotlight, writer Jon Stojan highlights exactly how Moonlight Mixes can be used to improve celebrations while bringing loved ones together.

The Moonlight Mixes Product Lineup

Throughout the years, Moonlight Mixes has added several delicious options to its collections. The original Wicked Mix brand offers a gourmet combination of fancy-grade whole nuts, premium snack mix inclusions, and a secret glaze baked to golden perfection. The sweet, savory, and a touch of spicy are available via a core line-up of — Spicy Original,, Smoky Hot Chipotle, and Chocolate-Laced. The newest additions are a line of Seasonal Limited Editions which provide unique items for each of the four seasons. These 6 new items uniquely incorporate inclusions such as dried cranberries, macadamia nuts, chocolate gems, and candy corn. The Wicked Minis brand are boldly seasoned oyster crackers that bring indulgent flavors to what has been a stale cracker category. These flavor profiles include 2 herb based (Garlic Parmesan and Garden Dill), 2 spicy cheese (Jalapeño Cheddar and Chili Cheese) and 2 “bring the heat” flavors (Crushed Red Pepper and Cajun Creole). “We want our mixes to cater to everyone, which is why we have created a collection that appeals to many different tastes,” says CEO Scott Waidmann.

Versatile Snacks and Flavor-Boosting Ingredients

Although the Moonlight Mixes lineup consists of standalone snacks that are perfect for placing in bowls and goodie bags, these snacks also work as ingredients for larger recipes. With their seasoning and variety of flavors, they can add new tastes and that perfect crunch to countless recipes, providing a powerful upgrade to household favorites while simplifying the food preparation process. From dinner to dessert, these snacks can add sweet and savory flavors that bring more to the table, allowing everyone to customize their own recipes using Moonlight Mixes products as the ultimate flavor addition. You can find many recipe ideas on their website

Unique Recipe-Boosting Ingredients for Exceptional Party Planning

“Flavor is our business, but our customers bring creativity that really helps them make our products their own,” says Waidmann, citing the countless recipes available online that use Moonlight Mixes products as a featured ingredient. The Woman’s World editorial article includes seven detailed recipes, as well as two optional mealtime upgrades using a variety of Moonlight Mixes products.

Readers can enjoy easy and accessible recipes for every mealtime need, bringing simplified preparation and enhanced flavor for weekly meals, as well as party-hosting favorites that are sure to delight. These simple recipes allow the ingredients to shine while creating a depth and complexity that goes well beyond what the ingredient list would suggest.

The recipes provided in Woman’s World include Chocolate Peanut Butter Wicked Mix Bars, Connie’s Wicked Twist to Twice Baked Chicken, Susan’s Wicked Charcuterie, Fred’s Garden Dill Minis Baked Cod, Bob’s Red Pepper Minis Meatloaf, Brenda’s No Bake Cookies With a Twist, and Scott’s Cajun Minis Shrimp and Grits. Each recipe in the article includes a full list of ingredients. It also includes detailed instructions on how to prepare the dish for a wonderful meal or snack. Alongside the recipes, Woman’s World readers can also enjoy recommendations for soup pairings that incorporate Wicked Minis for added crunch and flavor.

Moonlight Mixes: High-Quality Ingredients and Top-Tier Flavors

Known for their exceptional quality and notable flavor, products from Moonlight Mixes have become a household staple. Supporting everything from post-game snacks for families to parties aimed at celebrating some of life’s most precious moments, the Moonlight Mixes product lineup will continue to expand while offering new and inventive ways to bring more flavor to meals, snacks, and celebrations.

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