Spatial Imaging of 1,000 RNAs and 100 Proteins Using the CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager Published in Nature Biotechnology

Tissue from non-small cell lung cancer and breast cancer mapped at single-cell and subcellular resolution

NanoString Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: NSTG), a leading provider of life science tools for discovery and translational research, today announced the publication of its first paper describing the CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager’s (SMI) chemistry, reproducibility, and sensitivity, as well as the application of the technology to study non-small cell lung cancer and breast cancer samples in Nature Biotechnology.

The paper, entitled High-plex imaging of RNA and proteins at subcellular resolution in fixed tissue by spatial molecular imaging, was led by Joseph Beechem, Ph.D., chief scientific officer, NanoString. The team profiled multi-omic data of RNAs and proteins at subcellular resolution using formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded non-small cell lung and breast cancer tissues. Over 18 distinct cell types, 10 unique tumor microenvironments, and 100 pairwise ligand-receptor interactions were discovered.

"CosMx SMI enables researchers to image intact tissue sections at unprecedented levels of cell number, spatial resolution, plex, and multi-analyte," said Dr. Beechem. "This technology allows researchers to discover completely new insights into how tissues function, in health and disease, accelerating the current revolution in spatial biology."

CosMx SMI is the newest product in the company's industry-leading spatial analysis tools portfolio, joining the GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP). The GeoMx DSP is a fully-automated spatial profiler with an installed base of more than 300 systems as of June 30, 2022. The GeoMx DSP allows multi-cellular analysis of all the genes in the transcriptome for both human and mouse applications; both platforms are also customizable for other species.

The CosMx SMI compliments GeoMx, extending experiments to single cell and subcellular resolution across the entire tissue section. In addition, both CosMx and GeoMx are compatible with the AtoMx™ Spatial Informatics Portal (SIP), a cloud-based informatics platform that will provide an integrated ecosystem with streamlined workflows to manage, analyze and share spatial biology data.

The commercial CosMx SMI instruments are expected to ship later this year. In the meantime, researchers can apply the power of SMI to their tissue samples through the SMI Technology Access Program service provided by NanoString. For more information, email

To learn more about NanoString's CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager, visit

About NanoString Technologies, Inc.

NanoString Technologies, a leader in spatial biology, offers an ecosystem of innovative discovery and translational research solutions, empowering our customers to map the universe of biology. The GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler, cited in more than 160 peer-reviewed publications, is a flexible and consistent solution combining the power of whole tissue imaging with gene expression and protein data for spatial whole transcriptomics and proteomics from one FFPE slide. The CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager (SMI) is an FFPE-compatible, single-cell imaging platform powered by spatial multiomics enabling researchers to map single cells in their native environments to extract deep biological insights and novel discoveries from one experiment. The AtoMx™ Spatial Informatics Platform (SIP) is a cloud-based informatics solution with advanced analytics and global collaboration capabilities, enabling powerful spatial biology insights anytime, anywhere. The CosMx SMI and AtoMx SIP platforms are expected to launch in 2022. At the foundation of our research tools is our nCounter® Analysis System, cited in more than 6,200 peer-reviewed publications, which offers a secure way to easily profile the expression of hundreds of genes, proteins, miRNAs, or copy number variations, simultaneously with high sensitivity and precision. For more information, visit

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